Friday, May 05, 2006
what books didn't teach me.

*Yesterday, i watched MI-3. Oh my, Tom Cruise is soo hot. The movie's grreat, you should watch it!

*Yesterday was also Kat's birthday party here in Ferndale. Yey, i got to see again some of my batchmates and friends. It was a swimming party btw, but i didn't swim. for me it was kinda hassle, even if my house is just a few steps away. it was fun seeing and hanging out with them again.

*oh, got a new pair of bikini! wuhoo! it is really a cheap thrill. got it from Bayo, the pink and brown swimsuit costs only P695. isn't it amazing? it's really worth it.;p

*after kat's birthday, kev and i brought nadine and anj home. road trippin' huh. then that left us a lesser time to date. date? not really. sort of. we just planned to hang out and drink a few cans of beer. haha! yeah, parang drinking session narin.;p

* yesterday, as i call it, was a day of learning experince. really, it is. i learned and realized soo much things. that much that i still wrote those down and i ended up sleeping at around 2:30 am.

*These were some of the few things that i wrote last night.;p

>spending time with high school friends is great!
>it really feels good to be generous and make others happy by being generous. [i paid for Kat's tables and chairs.]
>nothing can compare to the high school days.
>high school friends would miss my kakulitan and being corny. I would miss theirs as well. i really missed joking around.;p

~making sacrfices once in a while is good. [ i missed watching GnP for him. haha!;p]

~we always try to make sure to end our day great and happy despite the not-so-good things that happened during the day.

~innovation. like doing something different once in a while like the drinking session, serious talks and hanging out at the playground. these are the things that we normally don't do.

~what real acceptance is. that not all people can honestly say that they accept you for who you really are. Im glad to know that at least there is one person that i can say accepts me whole-heartedly. and that's Kev;p

~how education matters to me. [ i want to become a dean's lister in college.]

~that love would never become a hindrance in achieving your goals and making your dreams come true, but an inspiration to become the best of what you can be and to make yourself a better person.

~his mom. everything she said was really right. I am happy that she gave us that kind of talk. thought-provoking. enlightening. very challenging. she is a very understanding and caring person. she is one of the people i don't want to fail. Someday, i want her to be proud of me.

~it doesn't mean we are on the same school , we would lose concentration in our studies, that it is a means of distraction. I don't think so. It is an opportunity for us to help each other do well and achieve more [studies specifically, * we both want to become to become DL!;p *he wants better grades this coming school year]. I hope this would happen, i really hope it will! ;p

~that teenage relationships aren't just about infatuation, "puppy love", and short lasting. Normally, it really is. But even if we teens are not mature enough to handle such problems and situations, or there are still so many distractions, temptations, etc., I guess we are still capable of making the right choices in relationships. For me, it is a learning experience as well. Once you experience something bad or traumatic, you would never do anything to be in the same experience again.

~it doesn't mean that when I'm serious in a relationship, I always wanted to be attached with that person and that I'm really very passionate to it. It's just that whoever that person is, I just wanted him to be my last. Really. The FIRSTS do matter, but what really matters to me are the LASTS. These are the things you know you would be having for a lifetime;p

~But, taking things too seriously isn't healthy as well. Really. I guess in all aspects of life this applies, not just in relationships. we should learn how to enjoy and appreciate what we have. I guess being too serious could cause you the worst things that you never expected than having the good things you've always wanted.

~Friendship. It is one of the most important things that we share together. ;p

I think i was too overwhelmed last night that I was able to right this long and, deep? haha. for me it is quite deep. these things means a lot to me.;)

I'm off now, have to read the Da Vinci Code pa. I'm excited.Ciao!=p

"Many dreams die because they are not shared with the right people. Your dreams are opportunities waiting for you to make them happen."

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
some things are just not worth it.

and i realized this just yesterday.

okay, these are the things that happened.

monday morning, the tg girls went to edsa shang 'coz that's where we planned to stay overnight. we ate lunch at tokyo tokyo and then we went back to the hotel to get ourselves some rest. and then we went back again at shang to have our hair and make-up done at studio 546. i only spent P720 for the hair and make up. it is soo worth it.

this is how my hair and make up looked like.

so after that we went back to the hotel and then dressed up. everyone looked soo beautiful and fabulous. Anj looked like a Barbie, Mara like Audrey Hepburn, Monique like a ballerina, Nads was hot with her red lips and devilish look. Anna and Issa was dressed with halter dress and a band on their waists. Laia wore a somwhat gold dress with a ribbon on the center. and as usual, i looked like a kid.again.

okay. my dad picked us up at the hotel and he brought us to the events place at C3 Greenhills. it wasn't really that far. what took time to get us there is the traffic.

the party was great. i enjoyed it but honestly,not that much. i dont know. i think it still lacks something. the food was cocktail, it was tempting and appetizing. i loved it when the Bloomfields sang Wouldn't it be Nice by the Beach Boys. i really don't know most of the songs the Bloomfields played but those sounded familiar, you know, 60's music. i love the photographers who took our pictures. they were very creative, really. i know everyone liked the cool poses they asked us to do for our pictures.

after ball, kevin, red( kev's best friend) and i went to promenade, uhh Grilla specifically to drink. i kinda wanted to drink since it's been a while since i drank. it was great chatting and spending time with these guys. we were able to finish 3 bottles of red horse each. oh, that's 2 for Kev since he's driving. i gave P400 as my share for our bill since i told them that that's my treat to them and i was really tipsy that time and there was no presence of mind in me. there's no problem with treating them, only i gave too much. that is not worth it.

i wont elaborate that much about our stay in the hotel. all i can say is that it is a little bit like of a chaos but it was oh soo fun! i swear! i really enjoyed the company of the girls. ;)

the next day, we went to shang since that's where the girls will kill time while waiting for olibs's sundo while kev and i planned to watch movie there. but uhoh, that movie we were planning to watch wasn't showed there so we needed to transfer. so we ended up going to Gateway. haha what's new. ;) before watching, we ate lunch first at Teriyaki Boy. My golly, we paid almost P600 for our lunch for only the two of us and with that P600 hindi pa kami busog. thanks to the evat which made our bill more pricey. this one is really really NOT worth it. the two of us kept on saying that we should have eaten at Tokyo Tokyo Shang. Busog na, mas mura pa. But atleast we tried eating there and we learned our lesson.

then after, we watched a movie. Hostel. the only thing we know about this movie is that it is worse than Kill Bill though we haven't watched Kill Bill yet. haha labo. So there. At first, the scenes were "bold scenes". haha kaya pala R-18. shempre at first nakakairita I was watching those scenes with my guy. Imagine?!. It was quite offending and awkward. I kept on asking if that was really the movie we were supposed to watch, he said yes. so nanood nalang ako. aba pagkadating nung middle part ayun na. it was really gross. kung pwede lang na magthrow up, bibigay ka talaga. Disgusting super! pero if you want to watch it go! matindi talaga. ;) actually, we only watched that out of curiousity. aba. this one i don't know if it's worth it or not, but when i asked Kev he said it is worth it. so okay i guess it was worth it. but not that much. Basta try watching and you judge.=)

So after the movie we walked around and then we went to U. may nakita daw siyang bikini for me. aba naman. so we checked it, aba it's from Billabong. hindi ko masyadong trip and it's kinda expensive. so we went to part of Havaianas. Oh my, so many new designs! super! i like several pairs but one pair really caught my eye. basta the design is stripes. basta i really love it! Kevin was supposed to buy also a pair, pero when we checked our wallets, my money was just exact and his is not enough so super inis na inis talaga kami. dun lang nagsink in sa amin lahat ng expenses namin the other day and that day. super nanghihinayang talaga kami. super. oh well like what he said and what everybody says: "nasa huli ang pagsisisi." which is true. so dinaan nalang namin ang inis namin sa pagkain ng halo-halo. but it took us 3 stores bago makakain coz madaling naubos. so un. thanks to the halo-halo. at least, that one is really worth it.;)

woah. welcome to the blog world again!

at least my blog has risen. it is alive again. hahahah;)

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Thursday, November 03, 2005
call me Amelia.

Long time no post huh. oh well here are the updates:

*sept.17- we had our ACET. Honestly, i find the test difficult. Issa, Anna, Olibs, Nica, Mons, Laia and I went to Eastwood after. it was soo fun.
*sept.23- it was Manu's birthday party. i met new friends there and this guy named Jayson. ugh, enuf of him.
*sept.27- wuhoo!it is our fine dining at Chateau 1771 at El Pueblo in Ortigas. We went to the salon first then had lunch at Chateau after. Their Chicken Piccatta is a winner. yummm!=D then we went to Podium after. we went around and window shopped. sorry walang pera e. but i was able to buy myself another pair of Havaianas, the light pink one. and then we went food tripping also.=D after that we went back to school then Olibs and i went to Convergys after. wala tambay lang.=D and then un.
*and oh, tgif had our of. oh well, i am their main concern. i think im turning into a stubborn kid na. sorry girls, i'll try my best to change. i'll be a good girl na.=D

-wuhoo! the month of my birthday=D
*oh well days before my birthday are bad. quite terrible, you know, parang hindi ako magbbirthday. oh well ganun talaga. but good thing i was able to fix up those problems one by one.
*oct.6-thurs: boh accompanied me at this party shop in don antonio to buy party hats and invitations. he also bought me this lilo and stich thing na parang pabitin coz i wanted it so badly. pero hindi ko naman ineexpect na bbilhin nya un for me. ugh, such a sweetie.=D same day DLSU lost their game against FEU. aww too bad, no more game 3.=(
*oct.7-friday: my birthday celebration! everything were rushed coz medyo biglaan kasi. coz i was really planning to have my celebration on the 7th, then biglang naging 14 coz kev's was planning to celebrate on the 7th daw, then finally 7 na ulit coz 14 na daw magccelebrate si kevs kaya un, short notice. so un sobrang rush as in sobra. nakakataranta ampotaa. tama ba naman magbrown out pa? dumadating na ung tg guys hindi parin ako tapos magprepare. and then un, mons asked me to accompany her sa cr. then when we got back to our garage, weowiee, lights off and then un they started singing the happy birthday song tapos may cake and 1 candle na nakalight, that was my bestfriend's little surprise for me. thanks mons, i was sooo touched. and then un, the ferndalers went over narin and then aaron, haron and ryan, friends of issa and monique. when some of the guests started leaving na i also started drinking my favorite. Red Horse=p wuhoo. then un i got so tipsy and to cut the story short, i threw up. as in hindi ko na talaga mapigilan sa sobrang pagkahilo ko. but i threw up naman in a plastic cup so it somewhat looked like taho. gross ba? who cares? it's my birthday anyway.=D onga pla, we also had a plan para kay Jayson, kaso naudlot e. naliligo daw ang gago. ulopieee!=p
*thanks boh for buying one case of red horse and for my party supplies. *thanks my margarita for the crown that you gave me. *thanks mons for the birthday cake you surprised me. *thanks tgif girls esp nadine, issa, and jenny for helping me prepare for the party. *thanks tg guys for the support kahit naudlot ung plan natin. *thank you evryone who came to my party, i hope you guys enjoyed and had fun.=D

it was our MC entrance test. to tell you guys frankly, superrr dali as in super. halos puro basics nga lang e. (oops biglang hindi daw ako pumasa o.) haha=p anj, mons, kat and i went to MCdo katips after coz we were soo hungry. and then there was party again at our house since dun ung rosary ng cypress. and sinabay narin sa birthday ko. i slept quite early since im having a bad day coz of that moron Jayson and i still have to wake up early the next day. but at 12 am boh,kikat, patricia, carla and other ferndalers were able to greet me happy birthday.=D

AMELIA'S BIRTHDAY!!! yeah my birthday.and our DLSU entrance test as well. monique gave me a wake up call since 5:15 na hindi pa ako nagigising e alis dapat kami ng 5:30 or 5:45. and then yun super rush rush rush then nagulat parents ko how come im all dressed up na that early. then i said yun nga entrance ko sa la salle, then nagulat mom ko coz she didn't know that i applied there coz she didnt allow me to do so. kaya un tinakas ko lang yun.she was quite angry, hindi pa nga siya naniniwala e,pero wala na siya magagawa, andun na e. i was quite surprised that even if i kissed her goodbye she didn't greet me. i dont know if she just forgot or she did it intentionally. oh well, and then dad brought me to Olibs house since she's our ride going to la salle. nagulat din ako coz when i got off the car, he also didn't greet me. ampota naman o, mga magulang ko pa talaga ang nakalimot. =p

... to be continued.=D
i'll still work on my
multiply and other projects.=p

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Sunday, September 04, 2005
my name means...


Very much the individual you have enormous energy and vision and must find a suitable use for your talents. You have great potential for success in business if you can guard against indecision and worry. Your generous nature means that you are never short of friends and with cooperation your relationships can be very rewarding. Perseverance and firm decision making will ensure you achieve your objectives.


Having confidence in yourself and integrity you have your emotions under control and are rarely ruffled. You have a quiet and reflective manner and are responsive to the needs of others giving you the ability to be a mediator. You are extremely successful in the material world being organised, financially astute and pursuing realistic goals. Your caring attitude and compassion certainly makes you a loved individual.


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gang green! pump up the animo!=D

wuhoo!yesterday was a blast. anna and i watched the UP vs. DLSU game at the Blue Eagle Gym. we just arrived there on time kaya at first hirap kami kumuha ng tickets. and sold out na ung upper and lower box so gen admission nalang,but thanks to manong scalper, we got upper box tickets costing P200 nga lang.almost twice the price. but i can say it's so worth it.sobra!=D edi yun we stayed sa may stairs muna den transferred sa lower box. a good soul (good soul amp ;p) offered 2 seats kaya yun nakaupo kami. and dun before maghalftime, since malakas ung loob ni anna, she tried to go beyond the lower in dun na sa may court mismo. to make the story short, nakaupo na kami dun sa may court side. sa sobrang kulit namin, nahawakan na rin namin ung uaap mic na gamit nung court side reporter.haha. and since step up to self- esteem, mas lumapit pa kami dun mismo sa court pagkaalis nung photographers. we were beside the cameraman na. so what did we get in return? we were shown in tv!wuhoo! hindi ko ineexpect un a. basta nung back to back ung 3 pt. shots ng la salle todo cheer talaga kami and then, we just saw ourselves on screen! i guess mga twice yta un or thrice.careerin sana namin ung fantastic moments pero sabi nung cameraman meron na daw. and then un. after the game, tlagang sinundan namin ung players. basta hindi namin naabutan pero natunton namin ung locker room nila. grabeee, parang ang lucky talaga namin kahapon coz we also had our pics taken wit the dlsu players!omg, yeo and arana!shity.=D (il try to post the pics next time.) khit up players we nagpapic kmi, pero not all. then we went to mcdo katips na coz dun nagpasundo si anna then she dropped us to convergys. greaaat day=D

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

*we had a talk from Body Shop.
*went home early.
*no Convergys.haha.
*crammed CL proj.
*im having a dilemma.
*a not-so-good day.

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recap recap.

last monday.
*linggo ng wika practice at granwood
*was soo wet coz we ran on the pouring rain on our way to school.
*went to coffee beanery after practice
*tambay wit boh here in ferndale then we went to Convergys.

last tuesday.
*went to Convergys again after practice.

last wednesday.
*profile picture taking.dont like my formal shot.
*rest day. no practice.
*boh, ralph and i ate fishballs outside ferndale.yumm yum=9

last thursday.
*no practice again.
*fishballs again.=9
*migz talked to me. miracle happens =p
*boh accompanied me at Kodak don antonio to have my pic taken for uste.

last friday.
*practice at granwood.
*went to Convergys after.i was wit boh, issa and mara.
*cypress's block rosary.

last saturday
*practice at tierra pura.
*went to Convergys after.was wit Ralph and Boh. wuhoo, food trip.=9
*cypress party.
*we drank at boh's place.was wit marco, chrissie, ralph, kitkat, boh.

last sunday.
*went to g4.

*practice at kim's house.
*went to Convergys after.
*my first time to pass by the blue and pink pass over.=D

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Friday, August 19, 2005
Life oh life.;p recap.

Friday, 081205

~Friday was oh so grreat! haha. weowie, pinalabas lang naman ako ni ms. toli during physics period!haha. grabe freaky. i admit, every physics time talaga i feel so sleepy.i really dont know why. and Ms. Toli will often say "o Kenwyn you're sleepy again?" haha. normally i can control naman my "sleepiness" e, but no nung friday hindi ko na talaga kinaya. so yun nakatulog ako. and then when i woke up Ms. Toli said" Kenwyn, you go out first,do something para mawala antok mo" i was like.."no ms, wag na." then she said "cmon, you go to the comfort room na, you wash your face." i hope she's not mad at me. sorry Ms. Toli;p. and wala lang ang saya nung dismissal time, i was with Anna, Issa and Olibs. haha kulit. weowie the corn in the cob.haha.
~and then my friend JM went to school with his friend to pick me up. good thing they brought a van coz sumabay cla Issa, Jim, Nads, Anna and Tanya. tapos astig, parang nagclick agad friends ko and friend ni Jm. tapos lahat nung friend ni Joseph( the friend of boh), kilala rin ni anna.weowie watah small world huh?
~the party at Jm's house was soo grreat! the people were so friendly. i got to meet new people and friends. la lang. hindi naman ako mashadong na-op dun. basta masaya. and then nagkayaan na sila na pumuntang sm.good thing my friends were also there. so yun sumama ako sakanila for a while. when i got a drink in Starbucks, the name i gave was LIFE. nauto ako ni camcam e.para sasabihin, "one hot choco with mint for life!"haha.;p after sm, we went to convergys. starbucks and at the dance studio. then i went home na.

Monday, 081505

~first day of test.weowie Physics. la na ako pag-asa. haha's so confusing.. or hindi lang talaga ako nagaral masyado?haha.english was okay naman. and then after dismissal, we went straight to Convergys. at first Laia, Anna and I stayed at Tapa King, but weow, the people aren't soo nice lang naman. so we left and transferred to Box o Rice. the place was okay. perfect pang tambayan and for "studying" haha.Jim and Issa came at around 2 na yta. and then around 3, Jm arrived, tapos un tambay. we transferred at Starbucks. then at around 5 we went home na.

Wednesday, 081705

~Hmm tsktsk. Anal Geom and Pinoi gave me a terrible headache.haha. after dismissal we went to Convergys. Again.=D Kat, Monique, Laia, Anna, Jim and I stayed at Box o Rice and then at around 3, Monique and Laia left already then Jm arrived. then nagpahaircut sila ng friends nya sa Fix, so i was just there waiting. then after that we stayed at Starbucks, and then Box o Rice, and then when Jm's sundo arrived we went home na.

Thursday, 081805

~Last day of test!wuhoo. Accounting and Teenstar was oh so easy.haha. after dismissal, i went to Monique's house coz dun na ako magrrest, prepare and dress up. around 3 we left their house na,tapos dinaanan namin si Nadine and Issa. and then we went to Katips na. we went to Tajma coz dun talaga namin plan tumambay. but weowie, when we ordered Hookah na, the guy asked us if we have our IDs coz malamang they wanted to check our ages. shempre wala kami mabigay coz we didnt bring our IDs and duh shempre malalman nila na minors kami. pero duh parang hindi kami pumunta dun before a. and hindi kami nag-Hookah. Aww, too bad. we were soo looking forward to that day pa naman but no, it's goodbye Hookah na pla.hehe. so we left the place, and promised that we'll not go back there anymore.haha.So we went to Gayuma instead. twas my first time there. the place is nice and cozy naman. sarap ng food. e un we were just hanging out there, nagpapalipas ng oras coz they were waiting till twas time for them to go to the up concert na. then nadine's friends, iggy and toppie arrived.(hope i spelled his name right.) hehe. and then at around 5, Jm arrived there,weowie..para lang sunduin ako. to think he's not feeling well and galing pa siya sa house. grabe he's soo nice. and then un, we went home na. tapos tambay. i also bought danglings from his ate and he paid for it. weowie.=D after dinner we went out again, pero eto biglaan, nagroadtrip kami. we went to his friend's house coz he's gonna return something, then went back to ferndale again to get something then we went to Convergys na. we went to Groove coz sakto may belly dancing class that time. weowie i really really wanna belly dance na. haha kaiingit.then we went to Starbucks, we just got ourselves frappucinos then we went home na. Saya parin magroadtrip.=D


~no classes!haha grreat. we had our dance practice in the morning at Granwood. ok naman. then at around 12, i left the practice na. Jm fetched me. Again. haha. then hinatid niya ko sa house ni Monique coz dun ako magddress up. and then at around 2, we arrived at Shang na. e yun, nag-window shopping kami. its kinda frustrating coz ang dami naming gusto! especially in kids of bayo.errr. haha. but it's okay, we got ourselves naman a pair of Havaianas! wuhoo at last!=D the color we got is plain then parang brown na metallic. it's nice. and pareho nanaman kami. haha. then jordan, arrived at around 5 or 5:30. weowie, very late friend!haha. and then we stayed at Starbucks coz we were sooo tired na. e un kwentuhan and laughtrip. and then at around 7 we left Shang na. nakihitch kami kay Jordy and he dropped us off at Convergys. and then nung nalaman ni JM na i was planning to ride a cab pauwi, hindi siya pumayag kaya un he went to Convergys to fetch me, even if he's not feeling that well again and medyo hassle for him. and then un, hinatid din namin si monique then we went home na. i had a grreat day. thanks bestfriend.and thankss Boh, sobraaa.=D im outta here.

*Si JM and si Boh ay iisang tao lang.haha. mas trip ko siyang tawagin na JM e.

*COnvergys is the new place to be.=D

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Friday, August 12, 2005
Perfect dream guy ;p

~i stole this survey somewhere. haha ;p

Perfect guy?
1. hair color- dark brown or black?.
2. eye color- a little brown
3. height- uhm 5'4- 5'7 will do. not too tall pleasse.;p
4. six pack- Perfect.;p
5. long or short hair- short.better if he's semi-kalbo.=9
6. glasses- it depends if it's bagay to him.
7. piercings- as much as possible nah.nothing as far as pierced ears.
8. scars- hmm nope.
9. eyebrows- medyo makapal?;p
10. big butt or little- a little.
11. chest hair- No no.
12. buff or skinny- skinny with konting muscles.
13. straight teeth, gap- straight teeth of course.
14. funny or serious- Funny definitely.
15. party or stay at home- stay at
16. should he cook or bake- yeah, it's a plus.=D
17. should he have a best friend- Yess.
18. should he have a lotta girlfriends- Hmm nope.=p.
19. outgoing or shy- outgoing.;p
20. sarcastic or sincere- sincere.
21. should he love his mother- Ofcourse.
22. should he watch chick flicks- not really.
23. would he be a smoker- nope nope. hopefully not.
24. would he drink- yeah, we'll drink together.=p
25. would he swear- depends, sometimes.
26. would he play with your hair- Yess. Perfect.=p
27. one or more girls at a time-no!=p
28. would he pay for dates- Yess yess.
29. does he kiss on the first date- depends.maybe on the cheeks.
30. where would you go to dinner- anywhere. hmm CPK or Cravings?
31. would he bring you flowers-yeah, but not all the time.
32. would he lay under the stars with you- Yess, Perfect.=D
33. would he write poetry about you- hmm ok lang.
34. would he call you hunny, sweetie, or baby?- i like honeey. And sugar?something unusual. =D
35. would he hang out with you and YOUR friends- yess yess.
36. would you hang out with him and HIS friends- yeah.
37. will he walk you to the door at the end- Yup.=D
38. holding hands- Yess, Perfect.
39. soccer-Yess.
40. baseball-Hmm.
41. basketball-Yess Yess.
42. football- Ok lang.
43. water polo- Hmm
44. surf- Yeah.
45. skateboard- Ok lang.
46. snowboard- Not really.4
7. sing- Yeah. his voice should be serenading.haha=p
48. play guitar- Yess of course!=D
49. play piano- Hmm.
50. play drums- Ok lang.
51. clean his room- Yess yess.
52. paint, draw, sculpt- interesting=p
53. writes his own music- for me?why not?;p
54. use the word dude- yeah, esp to his friends.
55. use the word tight- okay okay.
56. would he watch the sun rise with you- YESS YESS!and the sunset.soo perfect!=D
57. what kind of car does he drive- anything. basta something nice.
58. how old is he- 16-18.
59. what would his name be- clueless.
*!@$ i guess.

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